„Mediation – a method or profession“
2018. febr. 19. 15:38:41

„Mediation – a method or profession“

Eseményi időpontja: 2018. ápr. 13. 9:00:00 - 2018. ápr. 14. 18:00:00

Nemzetközi konferencia a Szlovákiai Mediátorok Egyesülete szervezésében


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Mediation – method or profession

The Association of Mediators of Slovakia would like to invite you to the fifth annual conference on „Mediation – a method or profession“, that will be held traditionally in Modra at Hotel Sebastian, 13.-14. 04. 2018.

The fifth year of the conference will be focused on mediation, similar to the previous years,  but this time the organizers have chosen a different form of conference. Mediation did a big step forward in the period of last two years, especially in view of the effectiveness of the amendment to the Mediation Act and the impact of the review by the Ministry of Justice on mediators who were enrolled in the mediator list but were not active in mediation. The great shift in professionalisation of mediators gives room for re-opening of issues that have been addressed in the past, namely to specify the differences in the perception of mediation as methods and mediation as the exercise of entrepreneurial activity.

The method of mediation has a place to resolve disputes in general, but we often see that other methods are commonly adressed as mediation, but only thing they have in common with mediation is the aim to reach an out-of-court settlement. This situation leads to various misunderstandings in concepts and thus misconstruction of mediator competencies.

Again, there will also be room for discussion with a representative of the Ministry of Justice as the main supervisor in relation to the mediators who are on the list of mediators.

The activity of mediation centers which changed the competencies by amendment of the law, the separation of accredited educational institutions from the mediation activities within the mediation centers is also a question that will be evaluated with a two-year period from the amendment’s effect.

The cooperative occupation of public authorities will have the opportunity to present their views on the use of mediation and the expectation of cooperation with mediators. Also, the execution of free mediation and the „ex-offo“ of mediation within certain jurisdictions of the courts (execution of decisions in the underage cases) and within the activities of the Labor, Social Affairs and Family Departments and the Legal Aid Centers is a question which mediators should be aware of, in order to make this cooperation mre effective.

The main objective of the fifth annual conference is to unify the basic attributes of mediation services, so that clients are well informed about the offer of mediation services and mediators are aware of these services actively and lawfully.

Participants from Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Austria have traditionally promised to participate in the conference and, possibly in the framework of previous cooperation, they can also present mediation as a profession and method to Russian colleagues. In contrast to previous years, this year will not be accompanied by the publication of a lecture, and only the specific guests will be invited to contribute. The exact list of posts will be published in stages.